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© evalaudace per Soluxion - Soluxion Records Netlabel is the product of four minds, Dubit, Uden, Santhiago and Blacksun. The netlabel starts off from the development of experimental music up to more mad regular beats. This is the fundamental of the label: not only Minimal music but also ...Go to the gallery
this is an iPhone only photography project published on RVM #11 Where are we now? (Postcart Edizioni) as a personal and post-modern version of Walker Evan’s Subway Portraits * www.postcart.comGo to the gallery
© evalaudace per Rhò - Rhò is a multitalented artist with a solo music project. his sound creates a connection between new folk and power-pop. after a long and intense experience in a postrock band, in the 2011 Rhò decided to start a solo project by himself to sign all his music production...Go to the gallery