burdening | appendix

You must be very strong to love solitude.
(Pier Paolo Pasolini)

This is a spontaneous contribution to my project Burdening about the state of being alone, which began as a personal need to research and investigate both the conditions of loneliness and solitude. I started it in 2008 and it is still ongoing.

The author of these photographs isn't me but the person who has been embodying myself as a bridge between me and my representations who gave me the possibility to process the entire work with extreme intimacy, supporting me for the whole development.
Lately she decided to explore her own unknown aspect of the self confronting the state of being alone as well as her creative identity and to raise her own visual of burdening.

I consider her experience as a self portrait experience and an appendix of great value for my project that certainly pushes me forward to discriminate the innate differences between the states and to find new way of approach to this research.

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burdening | appendix
burdening | self portrait experience